The human body is a wondrous thing, it is constantly rebuilding itself. However, this process does slow in certain conditions, such as aging, poor nutrition or when sick. When this rebuilding process slows down one thing you may experience is bone loss. Bone loss in your mouth can be repaired with a bone graft. Here are some reasons you'll want to talk to your dentist about a bone graft.


Dental Implants


An implant of one or more teeth needs a good amount of bone to latch onto. Otherwise, these implants can fall out. If you have needed an implant for a long time, then bone loss is very common. When you have a missing tooth, the jaw area suffers. That is because your teeth and jaw have a symbiotic relationship to keep each other healthy. If you are getting x-rays for dental implants, keep in mind that you might need a bone graft.


Jaw Injury


Like other bones in your body, your jaw can do some self-repair if it is fractured or broken. However, this kind of damage rarely heals perfectly and you may experience bone loss later in life. Whether you broke your jaw yesterday or a decade ago, a bone graft can help repair your bone and let you heal faster, in some cases. A great benefit of a bone graft is your body treats it like the bone was always there and continues its healing cycle after your surgery.


Dr. Giraldo is the best person to ask when determining whether you need a bone graft or not. While dental implants and injury are the most common reasons to have this procedure done, you may find out other reasons as time goes on. A sure sign is if your jaw hurts. If that is the case, contact Dr. Giraldo's office to schedule your bone graft in Norwalk, CT today!