Gum disease is a common problem for those who avoid regular trips to the dentist. The severe form is known as periodontitis. It is a preventable illness and easily treatable when caught in the early stages. Even if you have an advance case, we can still help you. Dr. Carolina Giraldo specializes in reversing and repairing damage to your gums.

Your Initial Diagnosis

During your consultation, Dr. Girlado visually inspects your gums for signs of infection. You may have already noticed common symptoms which include:

·         Swollen, irritated, and red gums

·         Bleeding at the gum line

·         Teeth that feel loose

·         Chronic bad breath

Left untreated, your condition will get worse. Periodontitis develops when bacteria in plaque damages the soft tissues surrounding your teeth. Infectious debris seeps below the gum line and becomes trapped. Regular brushing and flossing cannot remove the contamination.

Deep Cleaning Procedures

To encourage your gums to heal properly, it is often enough to simply clean your teeth thoroughly. For regular checkups, a standard cleaning is enough to maintain your oral health. When gum disease has progressed, you need a more aggressive solution.

Scaling and root planning remove foreign material from below the gum line. Pockets form in loose infected tissues, and these pockets collect even more contaminants. These deep cleaning techniques peel the gums back slightly to allow the teeth to be scrubbed thoroughly.

Advanced and Surgical Methods

Sometimes the recession of the gums is too severe. There are even instances where decayed flesh can never heal again. Fortunately, there are ways to repair this damage, Dr. Giraldo can help you:

·         Gingivectomy – Removal of impacted tissues

·         Gum Grafting – transfer of gum tissue to restore your gum line

·         Osseous/Flap Surgery – Repair to gums at the root of your teeth

·         Guided Tissue Regeneration – Encourages the regrowth of gum tissues

The longer you put off seeking help, the more severe the damage to your gums will become. Contact our office and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Giraldo to treat your periodontitis in Nowralk, CT today!